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Welcome to the home page of Adult Blu-Ray DVDs. Gone are the days when people had to endure tapes in order to watch their favorite film. The trouble with VCR tapes is that they are hard to rewind and fast forward when need be. When you skip a scene without your intention, it’s often hard to go back to that because tapes run in film rolls even when using VCRs and not the usual projectors.

In addition, tapes are also more vulnerable to scene deletions. One unauthorized press of the record button can send an entire film into oblivion.

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CDs Happened

Then eventually, the advent of CDs as a means of distributing data also came to be. The advent of using discs did not just prove to be very useful when it came to distributing film copies. Even other forms of media such as music albums and data transfers between computers have found the necessity for using CDs.

But just as people have begun to really appreciate the use of CDs in our everyday lives, things have been taken further by the release of Blu-Ray technology.

Introduction of Blu-ray Technology

Blu-ray takes using DVDs up a higher notch.

With Blu-ray discs, people can finally manage using high-density data and store them accordingly. The name Blu-ray is coined from the blue-violet laser color being emitted for file utilization. Blu-ray discs use shorter wave lengths with a bluish colored laser. In effect, this makes the disc effective for storing higher types of information as compared to usual CDs and even DVDs. The laser being used and emitted in Blu-ray discs is essential because this is the tool that reads the data.

Even CDs and DVDs use laser technology to facilitate data transfers and recording, however, it uses longer wave lengths which affect the storage capacity of the disc.

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Blu-Ray and Laser Beams

One may ask, however, how can a laser beam actually cause much when it comes to producing greater memory capacity for discs?

Laser technology is generally used by discs, both DVDs and Blu-ray, when it comes to file transactions–recording, playing, viewing, etc. They are emitted onto the surface of the disc and the focus of laser beams become embedded onto the disc. The larger the focus, the larger the spot is bringing onto the disc. The spot will eventually occupy its own space even if does not contain any relevant information. In effect, it becomes a waste.

With Blu-ray technology, smaller laser beam focus is produced because it has shorter wave lengths. In effect, lesser spots are produced and bigger memory capacity is left for the disc.

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Blu-ray discs are still at their prime.

Its already being compared with DVDs from all angles.  Epected that eventually, blu-ray discs will increase in advantages as it is already doing so at present. It is now being widely used not just in film formats but also in gaming devices such as the Sony Play Station.

Technology which blu-ray is made from also looks promising in itself because the production of laser beams can also be used eventually for broader purposes.

Blu-Ray Functionality

Fast evolution of technology made humans experience the latest advancements in the entertainment industry. One of the biggest evolutions was the arrival of DVD’s. It had a huge impact on the total entertainment experience.

Latest blockbuster movies could be watched at the comfort of their homes. High picture quality, audio and video resolution meant that people did not have to waste time at a cinema hall anymore. They could get the same experience in their living room. So getting Blu-ray disk will be very important.

A Blu-ray disk has the same physical attributes as a standard DVD.

The Blu-ray disk has taken the optical disc technology to a higher level as it is mainly used for high-definition data and video storage. The Blu-ray disk uses a blue-violet laser instead of the red laser which is used in the traditional type of DVD’s and thus it is named ‘Blu-ray’ by everyone.

The Blu-ray disk was developed by the Blu ray disk association; a group is consisting of some of the highly known names in the consumer electronic trade. The most popular names include Sony, Hitachi, Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard (HP), etc. A Blu ray disk is used for recording, rewriting and the playback of high definition video.

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Advantages of Blu-Ray over DVD

When talking about advantages, one of the major advantages that a Blu ray disk has over a standard DVD is the high storage capacity. The storage capacity of a single layer Blu disk is 25GB and the dual-layer Blu ray disk can do up to 50GB. It also has advanced audio and video codes; therefore a person can have the ultimate high-definition video viewing experience.

Unlike the traditional DVD, a Blu ray disk has storage capacity around five times higher than a traditional DVD. These disks can store high-definition video as well as standard-definition video. The standard can store around 9 hours whereas the high-definition video can store up to 23 hours. Since the blue-violet laser in the Blu ray disk has a shorter wavelength; focus is made on a disc area with greater precision. Although the looks of a CD and a Blu ray disk may seem the same, the storage capacities differ a lot.

Blu ray disks have taken the entertainment industry by force.

But unfortunately there are still DVD players that can’t read the Blu ray disk when it is played. Luckily this problem is being rectified by the use of backward compatible players. Such players have the ability of reading Blu ray disks, CD’s as well as DVD’s.

Since the introduction, the popularity of the blu ray blank media discs is rapidly increasing. The format of these discs is developed and designed for so that you can play the HD (High Definition) videos. In addition, you can also get the large amount of storage capacities as compared to the traditional DVD and CD media. The format will provide you a lot of benefits as compared to the customary DVD format. It is considered as the present-generation format of the optical disc that is substituting the DVD. It offers the facility of plating and recording the high definition videos of the latest formats. In addition, you can also rewrite, read and store sufficient amount of data.

Blu-ray disks are developed by the leading manufacturers in the industry of consumer electronics.

If you want to buy blu ray dvd disc, then you can get several benefits. These discs use a blue laser of 405nm as compared to the red laser of 650nm for DVD. At the same time, you can also store ample amount of data in the Blu-ray disks than the standard DVDs. The size of the diameter disc that is used by DVD and Blu-ray is of 120mm. The capacity of the single layer disc is 25 GB. In addition, it can also hold 2 hours of high definition and thirteen hours of standard definition video.

If you make the comparison of the blu ray blank media discs with HD optical discs, you will find that the BDR can compete with the high definition DVD format. A lot of companies design the Blue-ray disks, in order to support consumer electronics, video game, media and recording and music companies. This type of format will provide a lot of benefits to the studios as it is considered as the worthy successor of the DVD format.

There are various producers of blank media that supports the BDR format for succeeding the DVD format.

There are also added advantages that you can get if you buy blu Blu-ray DVD disc.

The manufacturing process of DVD is done with the help of the process of injection molding. It helps in the creation of 2 discs of size 0.6mm that are bonded together. These types of discs also help to keep the cost of production down that will suit your budget. Besides, it uses a hard protective coating in order to prevent any type of scratches to the surface.

The Blu-Ray Choice

It was not long ago that most, if not all, television sets were square shaped and still operated with cathode ray tubes. Movies were available for consumers on the preferred home format, VHS. And the only way you could watch a movie was to buy it outright (example: in 1991, a copy of “Die Hard 2:Die Harder” would’ve cost around 65$ to 85$). Or rent it at the local video rental retailer.

And picture quality? Low resolution, soft, washed out, not in it’s intended aspect ratio and degrading before your very eyes. VHS tapes had a very finite life span and every time you watched one you were contributing to it’s degradation. When you were done watching, you had to rewind the tape, thus stretching it slightly each time and moving the degrading process along even more.

Constant rewinding was also wearing out your VHS player at an accelerated rate.

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It’s difficult to believe now, but the conditions described above were only a decade or so ago.

It was not until the late 90’s that the dvd market emerged, and through the 00’s, it began it’s rise in the marketplace.

Dvd’s were embraced quickly, as they presented a superior option to vhs in that they were smaller, could hold far more information, maintained the theatrical aspect ratio (16:9, your movies at home would now be seen as they were meant to be, old crttv’s were square and thus the picture you’d see would have its sides and top and bottom cropped to fit the screen, depriving you of viewing the whole picture), and required no rewinding.

Picture quality and sound were greatly and noticeably improved. Best of all, they would not degrade as rapidly as vhs tapes. But the home entertainment evolution was just beginning.

Within the past five years, the home entertainment landscape has changed dramatically.

You’d be hard pressed to find a crt style, square shaped television anywhere anymore.

Certainly not for sale. Televisions have evolved quickly to what they are today: thin, sleek, light, hang able on your wall and with a quality of picture never before experienced in the home. High Definition, or ‘HD’ for short, is the new standard in picture quality.

High-definition TVs are the perfect complement to your dvd collection, right?


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To fully experience the dramatic increase in picture quality that an HD television is capable of, you need to upgrade your standard definition dvd’s and dvd player to Blu-Ray. A lot of people don’t know the difference between Blu Ray and DVD. On the surface, they are very similar – they’re discs of the same size and require similar looking players to watch them with. That’s where the similarities end though.

Often the larger price tag on Blu Ray players and movies puts people off, but there are distinct advantages over DVD that you should consider.


Here is a simple guide to help you realize those advantages

– For starters

Blu Ray discs have a lot more storage space than DVD’s. While regular DVD’s have only 4.7 GB of space, their counterpart discs can store up to 27 GB – which is 13 hours of standard definition television, or 2-3 hours of HDTV. This means that you can store a lot more information on a disc, which means more special features for your movies as well as more details to watch on your HDTV.

– Buying a Blu Ray player

Doesn’t mean that you need to replace all your DVD’s, as you might have done when converting from VHS to DVD. All Blu Ray players are backwards-compatible, meaning you can watch your older DVDs with a Blu Ray player. Most players also “upconvert” your DVD’s; in other words, they increase the definition of your standard DVD to a better image for HDTV’s. If you have a substantial collection, you can still watch them in higher than standard definition (though it’s still not HDTV).

The biggest advantage

Of Blu Ray over DVD’s has been touched on but not fully explored: HDTV. You will not get the same quality picture on an HDTV with a standard DVD player. A disc will give you superb picture quality, and also audio quality. So not only will you experience better TV and movies, your sound system will sound better too.

Your kids will be as enthusiastic as you

About the Blu-ray player, especially since the device is included in Sony’s Play station 4 console. That’s some serious value, considering the price tag of the PS4 includes both the player and next-gen gaming technology.

Substantially improved picture and sound

On HDTV sets is a result of the increased storage space on the Blu Ray disc, as well as the blue laser behind the technology. By upgrading to Blu Ray you will never want to go back to DVD – just like you never wanted to go back to VHS after viewing a DVD for the first time.

To help you decide about which system to use with your home improvements, here is some information on the two formats, Blu-ray and HD-DVD, plus some pros and cons of each.

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Ordinary CDs and DVDs

Use a laser that produces red light (whose wavelength is about 650nm, a little more than half a micron).

Blu-ray and HD-DVD units use a blue-light laser, with wavelength of 405nm (a little less than half a micron). That tiny difference in wavelength makes a large difference too many people.

Standard DVDs

can hold about 4.7GB of data. That data can be computer documents or thanks to clever software movies or audio. That permits storing a two-hour film and a few extras to display on standard TV sets. It isn’t nearly enough to store a high-definition film to show on 720p or 1080i or 1080p HDTV sets.

The number refers to the number of lines of pixels on the screen, the ‘i’ or ‘p’ indicates whether those lines are painted in two passes – every other line interlaced – or progressively in one pass. 1080p has the best picture, all other things being equal – which, of course, they rarely are.

Now for HD (high definition) discs and players.

Blu-ray and HD-DVD can both store enough data for a HD film and extras – HD-DVD up to 30GB using dual-layer discs and Blu-ray up to 50GB or more. Both achieve this by using smaller pits in the aluminum disc, spaced closer together in spirals laid out from the center to the edge.

A smaller wavelength laser is needed, mainly because of some interesting physics of waves, to ‘read’ the more closely spaced pits. Some 100GB discs and players are under development using four layers inside a single disc. That could store 10 years of standard TV episodes on a single disc.

Though important for computer applications, the different storage capacities mean little to consumers interested primarily in watching HD films and other on-disc content. Either will display the same quality image on an HDTV. Both will offer far superior audio compared to today’s DVDs.

But there is behind-the-scenes activity that does make a difference to consumers.

Most of the major studios are lined up to deliver Blu-ray format content, though some are supporting both. HD-DVD players and some content are now available and the machines are currently priced about half (+/-$500) the anticipated prices of Blu-ray machines. Blu-ray machines are expected to launch in the summer of 2006. Either format will play a standard DVD.

This time, Sony (makers of both Beta and Blu-ray) seem determined not to repeat the experience of the 1980s. They’ve lined up a great many large company supporters, including Panasonic, Samsung and others.

Toshiba (originators of HD-DVD), Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and others are pushing HD-DVD.

The advantages are much less need (and therefore lower cost) to modify existing disc duplication equipment and other technical factors.

It’s too early to tell which format will win out, or whether they’ll both carve a large enough niche with consumers to remain viable. It’s likely at this stage that Blu-ray will win out for films and HD-DVD for PCs, but it’s too soon to be sure. Much will depend on costs and available content over the coming years. See what fits in with your family, budget and other home improvement plans.

The Blu ray vs. DVD conflict was concluded

Consequently, the store display has become the spoils of the victor. The cost of Blu rays has dropped accordingly, and the assortment of models and features existing has broadened drastically. For that reason, right now is the perfect time to invest in your new Blu-ray player. Unfortunately, it is not hard to be overcome with the technical minutiae and the range of possibilities. Hopefully this article can simplify your quest for your ideal Bluray player.

To begin with, you need to go to the trouble to determine as well as prioritize your present entertainment needs. Just about all players now being made will additionally play DVDs, CDs and MP3 discs, yet there could be some models on the shelves which do not. If you own a large selection of DVDs and are not ready to replace them all, confirm that your Blu-ray has this standard feature.

If you like your movies to be downloaded instead of stored

Make sure that your Blu-ray player provides the potential to hook up to the internet. Once more, this has become an almost-standard feature in new Blu-ray models, nevertheless you might notice many older models being sold which don’t have that capability. Concerning the internet enabled players, several have Wi-Fi capacities, while the rest are limited to an Ethernet port. If you enjoy wireless internet enabled in your quarters, and you wish to cut down on the amount of wires curled up behind your television set, a Wi-Fi ready Blu-ray player might be a sensible purchase.

BD-live is an additional feature you might want to look for when you are shopping. Certain Blu-ray discs provide extra features like online games which could be downloaded from the web and viewed on BD-live enabled players. A few Blu-ray players are designed to run the BD-live functions, although they don’t have the internal storage capacity necessary. With these models, you will be asked to purchase a card slot or USB to support the BD capabilities.

If you intend for your Blu-ray player to turn into the foundation of your home theater system.

There are quite a few devices which are presently bundled with those systems. The advantages to these bundled systems are typically a sizable savings on the purchase price along with certain compatibility of all the pieces.

Finally, expense should be looked into with any home technology selection. While at the moment, expenses for Blu-ray players may fluctuate from slightly below $100 to above $400, this price structure is still fluid. Blu-ray players are thought to be emerging technology, and for that reason the costs will continue to change any time a new feature is offered.

Watching your favorite flicks on a Blu-ray player will certainly make it clear to you that this particular category of home entertainment equipment is definitely worth the expenditure.

Just be certain that you know what characteristics are important to you and what you are prepared to pay for them.