Is There Still A Place in The Market For DVDs?

Is There Still A Place in The Market For DVDs?

With the increase in streaming services, the Market For DVDs has been declining in sales. DVDs have been on the market since 1997, creating quite a sensation when they were first released. They remained popular until Netflix first began its streaming services in 2011.

Because of this, you may wonder is the retail of Dvd finished – and if they have a place in today’s media marketplace. While it’s common for older media to be replaced by newer media, DVDs are still found in the entertainment sections of many stores. Although DVD sales have dramatically decreased since their heyday, they are still present on the shelves of entertainment sections of most department and video stores.

A Market For DVDs

What’s most curious is that most of the current DVD watchers are aged 25 to 39.

You might think that age group would be likelier to choose more modern methods to view movies. Perhaps the problem is the finite number of titles offered by streaming giant Netflix or its Hulu and Amazon Prime Video counterparts. But these viewers can find and view their favorite titles whenever they like by purchasing DVDs.

An ability to provide a choice of titles could be part of the reason that Technicolor Home Entertainment Services plans to release 750 million or more discs next year.

DVDs are still a factor in producing new films

Despite its lesser prominence as a choice for watching movies, DVDs are still a factor in producing new films. Filmmakers still need to consider the probability that their movie will be produced on DVD after its initial theatrical release.

If DVDs were destined to become obsolete, there would be a decrease in Redbox rentals and new DVD releases. But, neither of these things show any sign of occurring. You may buy up the titles of your favorite DVD movies, which is a good idea.

After all, no one knows if or when DVDs will stop being produced or sold.

market for dvds
Movie Titles

But here are some reasons you may want to continue buying DVDs


Physical releases of a movie don’t require the compression of the picture and audio that is done to provide streaming. DVDs offer 4K resolution of the movie, which is a more reliable representation of the movie.


DVDs offer more user input in features like contrast and color, so you can have a movie experience that suits your preferences.


Streaming services can’t offer you extra features like deleted scenes, outtakes, interviews, and commentaries like DVDs can.


Streaming services don’t offer you the directors’ cuts of your favorite movies or an extended version. You can decide which version you want to see – or keep more than one version if you prefer.


When a movie or show you like disappears from your streaming service, there’s nothing you can do about it. When you buy an adult DVD, you can keep it for as long as you like. This permanence may be the best reason of all to buy DVDs.#

market for dvds
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As you can see from this list, DVDs are still here

They still have a place in the entertainment market. No one can say how long the resurging DVD popularity is destined to last. But for now, there are plenty of reasons why they are still a viable form of entertainment.

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